Lazy Flexible Mount Mobile Holder Compatible with All Smartphones

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  • Folds to a viewing angle as per your convenience. flexible stand
  • This Universal mount holder is ideal for holding your mobile device on bed, desk, car, beside sofa.
  • The Snake holder Covers a Broad Spectrum in uses including, car or home mount gadget holder. Can hold any smartphone gadget
  • Perfect for watching movies & enjoying music in the bedroom, cooking in the kitchen, exercising in the gym and working in the office.


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1.Universal Flexible Car/ Home Mobile Phone/ Mobile Holder Stand for all Smartphones.
Listen music on the bed without holding your phone.
2.Flexible arm for different angle and distance Folds to a viewing angle as per your convenience On of the best stand for bed
3.the mobile bed stand holder is a multipurpose mobile accessory that enables you to watch movies, browse the internet in bed.
4.It can also attach itself to other surfaces like your table, office desk.
5.It can also be used in the kitchen where you can attach the device and view cooking videos while you are cooking.


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